Socialism has Ruined Venezuela

Since at least the 1960s, Socialism and its younger sibling, Communism, have been the darlings of Leftists elitists, especially those on college campuses. When these Progressives see perceived inequities in capitalist countries, they often look to utopian solutions with Socialism being a primary fallback. The amount of time that this neo-religion has been promoted is remarkable given the failure of Socialism to create prosperity for countries and their citizens.

With the recent passing of Fidel Castro, Leftists have created eulogies that include the false narrative that Castro was a champion of his people. How ludicrous! The Cuban people continue driving cars built in the 1950s. In addition, the travels of the boat people have been in one direction only; out of Cuba and to the United States. There is no better barometer than when people vote with their feet.

Cuba is not the only country in the Western Hemisphere ruined by Socialist economic policies. Venezuela is a poster child for the disastrous economic and human consequences of centrally controlled economies. Jeff Jacoby of The Boston Globe recently published an article highlighting the current tragedy in Venezuela. As he points out, Venezuela had long been an economic success in South America, even before becoming an energy powerhouse. Then, in 1998 Hugo Chavez came to power with not only an anti-America bent, but a disdain for capitalism. Continue reading

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